Teach and touch lives with ACT's teacher training courses

Candidates completing ACT's courses will become powerful global educators and contribute to the development of the world's education

Pre and Primary Teachers Training

Asian College of Teachers' Pre and Primary Teacher Training courses are designed for teachers who can teach kids aged between 2-12 years in a friendly learning environment and provide young learners with a strong academic foundation

TEFL Courses

Asian College of Teachers' TEFL courses are developed for aspiring and passionate teachers who wish to evolve as global educators and teach abroad. TEFL Course in Vietnam will allow trainees to teach practically to gain experience and master ESL/EFL teaching techniques

Education Management and Administration

Asian College of Teachers' Educational Administration and Management courses train aspirants to be decent administrators and equip them with management skills. Completing this course will boost the trainee’s employment opportunities

Montessori Teachers Training

Montessori teachers training helps the trainees learn Montessori philosophy and different Montessori teaching methodologies. Montessori teachers training in Vietnam will open up employment opportunities for our trainees because of its growing market

Early Childhood Care & Education Course

Asian College of Teachers offers Early Childhood Care Teachers Training in the online and distance mode to aspirants looking to learn the teaching methodologies and behavioural approaches towards toddlers aged till 5 years. The courses are provided in 3 different levels – Certificate, Diploma, P G Diploma and can be pursued by both new and working teachers alike.

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Post Graduate Diploma in Education Management

This was the best course ever and should be a must be for every school administrator. The course material was up to date with the latest philosophy in education and very practical. A must for every school administrator who works in Asia. I'm working in Vietnam.


Certificate in Educational Administration and Management

An invigorating challenge, just at the right level to assure a taste of knowledge was given, opening my appetite to devour more!!

Pandora Saley

Diploma in Educational Administration and Management

No matter what we have achieved, reached and who we are in life, always be humble. A humble person is more concerned about . . . building team than exalting self, about recognizing contribution, than being recognized for making it. I am working in St. Joseph Rayong school.

Gigi Williams-Davis

Diploma in Educational Administration and Management

It was very informative with great views on education in the 21st century. I like the detailed content in each phase of the program. The assessments were very challenging and forced me to think deep and look at everything from 3 stand points, the parent, the teacher and as the student.